Sea Compliance Overview

Sea Compliance is a software application designed specifically for UK fish auctioneers. Its is an accounting and compliance package designed to simplify the administrative responsibility of fish auctioneers and those responsible for reporting first sales of fish.

Every effort has been made to ensure data is captured in a functional and efficient manner. The application is user friendly and wherever possible data is validated at the point of input.

Sea Compliance has been designed for today's needs with support for whatever tomorrow brings. It allows you to get on with running your business in the knowledge there will be support for dealing with any future changes in the industry.

Sea Compliance has been developed by Prescott Connectivity & Compliance Systems Ltd, who are a customer focused company, eager to ensure Sea Compliance evolves along with any future requirements for compliance within the industry.

For a demonstration, further information, pricing or to be informed when the product is released please contact us.

Your Existing System

If you have an existing legacy system you wish to maintain you can contact us regarding options for an electronic sales note upgrade of your existing system. Sea Compliance can be adapted to integrate with your existing systems.

01No re-entering of data for electronic sales note submissions.

02 Electronic sales notes are generated and submitted with corresponding acknowledgments received, processed and logged all within the application.

03 Manage buyers and generate invoices with levies and other dues calculated automatically.

04 Extensive accounting capabilities for managing vessel expenses.

05 Generate comprehensive vessel settlements and landing dockets

06 A wide range of reports at your fingertips.

07 Flexible pricing structure.